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Antique furniture moving company
Moving With Antique Removalists
Question for you.  What's the main difference between antique removalists and regular removals companies? The answer is essential when you are thinking about moving precious items, antiques or sentimental valuables. Antique removals typically involve specialty removalists.

Specialty removalists like the moving staff here at Toowoomba Removals are trained and have the specific expertise to move items like pianos, antiques or fine art. Antique removals companies have specially trained team members & removals staff that understand how to move and pack antique items & valuables, as well as specialized equipment that will assist them in the removal.

In general, antique removalists do not always use semi-trailer trucks. They will often use some type of conversion van and an insulated trailer that contains special strapping systems for large items. Smaller antique items can be transported in the moving van as long as the van is always well-padded to avoid any scratches or dents.

Take your time in finding the right antique removalist to do your removal with.  Once you have found a few removals companies that you like, try to get some references.  You can also ask friends, family & acquaintances for their recommendations.  Be sure to also turn to online reviews. Learning about another person’s experience will help you make a better-informed decision. It is also important to physically speak to or meet with the antique removalists company in person, so they can take a look at your items, and you can see the equipment they'll be using to make the removal with your special belongings.

Note as well that because of the internet, both you and the removals company can share images and even video online. That means that you can see the equipment the removalist will be using.  Conversely, the removalist can get an idea of the antique items you are wanting to move if you are willing to share images and videos with them.

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