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Moving gym and fitness equipment
Are You Looking For A Gym Equipment Relocation Specialist?
Toowoomba Removals are Fitness Equipment Removals Specialists on everything from gyms, to workout stations, functional trainers, free weights like barbells & dumbbells, and cardio equipment including treadmills, elliptical machines, exercise bikes, stair climbers, and more.

Gym Equipment Relocation takes an expert specialist, and Toowoomba Removals are in that expert group of Specialists.

Regardless of whether you require a removal for a Home Gym or a Commercial Gym & Fitness Center, we will provide the service and professional experience you need. We have access to all the specialized equipment to move gyms & fitness equipment. Our removal staff have been trained to move gym & fitness equipment.  Plus, our logistics team knows all about gym pieces & parts. We have the know-how to best manage any situation. You will not be left wondering if the removalists you hired will be able to deliver, provided you use us.

Far too often, we hear from people who tell us that they hired a domestic removals company to move their gym equipment.  But what typically happens is that the removals company ends up telling the client or customer that they did not realize everything would be so heavy.  Or, the removalist will say that they need to come back with more people.  Or they might even say that the removals staff can’t get the gym equipment up the stairs because perhaps it won’t fit, and you will need someone to pull it apart.  And, in some cases, they will sheepishly admit that they can’t do the job, and you’ll have to get someone else.

You have to know that general removal companies do not know how to move gym equipment. If all you have are dumbbells, hand weights and a few straps, then sure.  However, if it is a machine, or one or more pieces of cardio equipment, you will need to have the job done properly.  These pieces are worth a lot of money, and they need to be handled just right. We have a network across Australia to help you achieve the move that you need. If you need a technician, we will know who to call. If you have machines to move, and if they require both disassembly and assembly, then we know how many people & who to bring.

In the event that you are a gym owner moving to a different location, there are several reasons why it is better to hire professional removalists like Toowoomba Removals who are very experienced in specifically moving this type of heavy equipment.

Reason #1: Some gym & fitness equipment can be extremely heavy and irregularly-shaped.
There are two things you don’t want to risk here. Number one: you don’t want any damage done to your expensive gym equipment during the relocation. Number two: you don’t want any accidents to occur when moving heavy equipment. Lifting very heavy objects in the wrong way could lead to serious injury & even death.

Toowoomba Removals has the necessary tools such as dollies and trolleys that are suited to moving gym equipment safely, therefore avoiding catastrophic damage to the equipment. Our company’s trained removals staff also have enough experience in lifting and carrying both light and heavy items to also ensure they avoid minor or major damage.

Reason #2: Experienced gym removalists have a superior understanding of the processes involved in moving the different components & pieces that make up a gym or fitness system. 
From packing to lifting, to transport and re-assembly of gym equipment and accessories, our professional gym removalists have been trained in the proper way to do everything.  Toowoomba Removals knows the suitable packing technique for every item, and we know how many people are needed to do the heavy lifting of equipment.

Different items of gym equipment may require different packing and moving techniques. For example, with cardio equipment and weight machines, no packing materials may be needed because of their irregular shapes. However, it may be necessary to dismantle certain parts. This is a sensitive & at times a delicate task that requires a skilled technician to follow the machine’s operations manual. The same level of expertise is needed when the structures are to be re-assembled in the new gym destination. Toowoomba Removals can arrange for this as we frequently work with a variety of fitness equipment technicians.

Reason #3: Our removals logistics team will provide the proper resources including the specialized truck(s) needed to transport all the gym equipment safely & securely.
Our removalists will be sure to assess the required resources so that everything is done promptly and as efficiently as possible. Toowoomba Removals has access to the right sized trucks or vans so every piece of equipment can be transported safely. Our technicians can also take care of the re-assembly of the gym equipment and even calibrate them, if necessary.

As a smart precaution, you should ensure that you have the appropriate insurance coverage in place in the event of any unexpected incidents.  For example: traffic accidents caused by others.

Reason #4: Modular Storage can be made available to you when needed.
Sometimes, some gym owners may require modular storage, like a shipping container, where all the equipment and the tools of the gym are temporarily stored. This usually occurs when the new location is not yet ready.  As a result, all the gym equipment can be put in storage until the new place or destination is finished.

If there’s a big space like a car park or parking lot on the site of the new gym, a good option is to move the container with all the gym equipment and accessories into that space. With the car park’s permission, it can stay there until the gym is ready. This can make it easier to set up & assemble all the gym & fitness items in the new location. This option is probably more economical as well.

Reason #5: Using a professional gym removalist service like Toowoomba Removals will likely save you a lot of your time and hard-earned money.
To absolutely ensure that everything goes smoothly when you use our gym & fitness equipment removal service, consult with our customer support team and be as detailed as you can in describing the service that you need. Toowoomba Removals can provide the extra manpower, lifting equipment, transport vehicles and local storage units to satisfy your gym relocation needs. We will take away the stress & save you time and money by making sure you have a smooth moving & removals experience.

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