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How to move an aquarium
How to Move Your Fish Tank in 7 Simple Steps
When you have an aquarium, and you need to relocate, you want to be sure that you keep both it, and your fish, safe during the removal. Understand that it is not as easy as unplugging your fish tank, emptying the water, and moving it all at once. It takes serious planning and diligent preparation to make sure that your fish tank can be moved easily, and without over-stressing your fish or marine life.

Here are the seven simple & easy steps to take in order to move your fish tank safely & successfully.

1. Prepare your fish for the move that is approaching
For short moves (an hour or less) and small fish, you can put your fish and water from their tank into plastic bags.  Make sure to sit them in something sturdy for the journey, like an Esky or other type of portable cooler box that you can put water & fish in.

If your move is going to last longer than an hour and/or your fish are larger, you’ll need to put them in clean buckets in threes or fours, with water from their tank. Be sure to tape the lids of the buckets shut so that nothing spills out during transport.

2. Fish tank moving preparation
Start by unplugging any aquarium lights, heaters, pumps, etc.  Then take out any decor, accessories, and plants. Like your fish, live plants should be placed in buckets with tank water in them. Any accessories and decor should be cleaned and dried, and then wrapped securely with bubble wrap to ensure they won’t break. For the equipment, do the same.  Remove all fish tank equipment carefully and then pack it up safely.  If you can, keep the filter damp and put it in a sealed container.

3. Empty out the aquarium
When draining the water from your fish tank, try and keep as much tank water as possible so that you can refill your tank with it when you’re in your new home. Doing so keeps the fish healthier and is much less distressing for them. Keep the water in buckets and tape the lids shut for safe transportation.

4. Packing up the fish tank & aquarium itself
Take off the lid and wrap it in bubble wrap.  Be sure to pack it separately from the rest of the aquarium. If you can, talk to your removalist about getting a big enough box to hold the aquarium.  That would represent the most secure way to pack your fish tank because you can add extra protection & padding into the box.

5. Moving your fish and the aquarium
If you can fit it in, move the box containing your fish tank, and the fish themselves, in your car or truck.  That is so that you can take extra care of them. Otherwise, be sure that the removalists you’ve hired understand how very fragile the fish tank is.  Let them know how careful they have to be with it and your fish.

6. Setting your tank back up
Your fish tank should immediately be set back up straight away after you arrive at your new house or destination. If your journey wasn’t a long one, start using the water you brought with you to refill the aquarium.  Then, immediately reinstall the filter and other aquarium equipment.

7. Putting your fish back in the aquarium
Once the water in the fish tank is back to normal in terms of temperature, PH balance, etc., it’s then time to start putting your fish back into their home. If it was a short local move, and you used plastic bags to transport your fish and marine life, let them sit in the water in their bags for a while so that they can acclimate to their new surroundings. Then, it’s finally time to let them out so that they can explore their tank again.

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