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Moving a billiards table or pool table
Why Pool Tables Should Only Be Moved By Professional Removalists...
3 things to know about pool tables are: (1) they are very large, (2) they are very heavy, & (3) they are very fragile. Quality pool tables are made of slate, which makes them not only heavy but also very fragile & prone to damage if transported incorrectly.

Toowoomba Removals specializes in pool table & heavy furniture removals. Here's what you need to know about getting your pool table moved with Toowoomba Removals. 

Are You Able To Move A Pool Table Without Taking It Apart?
Whether or not you can get away with not taking your pool table apart for transportation depends on the size, weight and construction of the billiards or pool table.

MDF Style Pool Tables:
MDF pool tables are the smallest home-use pool tables.

You might ask: “How heavy is an MDF pool table?”
ANSWER: MDF tables weigh in around 80-100 kg.

You might ask: “Is disassembly of an MDF pool table required?”
 ANSWER: MDF's are one of the lightest pool tables around.  They can usually be moved without disassembly, provided you can fit them through doorways, etc. 

Large Slate Bed Pool Tables Or Billiard Tables:
If you have a larger pool table other than an MDF pool table, we'd recommend you get in touch with us to move your table.

You might ask: “How heavy is a slate pool or billiards table?”
ANSWER: They are heavy.  Larger home-use pool tables usually weigh between 210 kg - 250 kg, depending on their construction. They typically have a slate-bed playing surface, which increases the weight and fragility of the table.

You might ask: “Is disassembly of slate tables required?”
 ANSWER: Heavier slate bed pool tables will usually require disassembly for transportation. Tables this size are usually made up of multiple slate sections that definitely require disassembly and can’t be moved without specialist equipment and tools. 

Are You Considering Moving A Pool Table Yourself?
Pool tables shouldn’t be pushed, pulled or dragged. This can cause major damage to the billiards or pool table leg fittings. Always lift the table when moving it anywhere.  No exceptions.

Pool tables that have several sections of slate require specialist tools and expert handling. Toowoomba Removals does not recommend that you try to move this type of table yourself.

What If A Pool Or Billiards Table Needs To Be Moved Upstairs?
In most cases, your pool table should be able to be installed up or down stairs. However, it will most probably have to be dismantled to do so.

The Best Way To Disassemble Your Pool Table.
Because pool tables are prone to damage,
Toowoomba Removals recommends getting our team to carry out the disassembly as well as the move.  That is because we have the right training and equipment to carry out your billiards or pool table move, damage-free.

Here's what needs to be disassembled for your pool table to be moved:
Legs: The legs on your pool table will need to be removed. This is normally pretty straight forward as they’re usually attached separately to the pool or billiards table.

Pool Table Rail Frame: The rail frame is large, but it is not too heavy. As long as there’s enough room for any sharp turns in a staircase, the top rail isn’t an issue to move upstairs.

Pool Table Cabinet: This is the main body of the pool table.  It is usually the largest part of the pool table to move. It should be possible to move the cabinet of your pool table upstairs as long as (a) the cabinet itself is not too deep, (b) the staircase is straight, and (c) there are no sharp turns or narrow hallways that the billiards or pool table must be carried through.

Slate Bed Of The Billiards Or Pool Table: This is the playing surface, usually made of slate. The slate is not as bulky as the cabinet to move.  However, it is large, heavy, and it is the most fragile part of the entire pool table. This is the part of the pool table that is most often damaged during a move if the removalist is inexperienced or ill-equipped for the removal job.

Get An Accurate Quote So We Can Help You.
Give us as much information as you can about your pool table (or billiards table) and where it is to be moved to:

> Pre-Plan Where You Are Relocating Your Pool Or Billiards Table.
Check out the flooring of the room you’re thinking to relocate the table to. This is especially important for heavier tables. Some flooring such as either wood floors or slate tiles may not be suitable due to the weight of your billiards or pool table.

> Take The Time To Accurately Measure Your Pool Table.
Supply your pool table's dimensions and specify what type of pool or billiards table it is. If you have the information, supply the weight and construction as well.

> Take length, width & height measurements for the access route required to get the pool table in.
Check with our team to confirm that the destination where you’re thinking of moving the table to will be accessible. For example: Measure the width of all hallways, all staircases, and all doorways (be careful to take the measurements from inside the door jamb). Let us know of any sharp turns that might exist in any corridors, any stairways etc.

> Show us the way.
If you can provide it, please supply floor plans or take photos or video of the route the pool table has to take to get it to its new location.

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