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How to pack clothing
New Ideas For How To Pack Clothing For A Move 
If you have already sorted through all your clothes and thrown out or donated the clothing you don’t want anymore, then it is time to start packing the clothes you are moving to your new residence.

The clear choice is to buy a few cardboard boxes to pack your clothes in.  However, there are some other great alternative choices when it comes to packing your clothes for a removal.  These choices are different from the traditional cardboard moving box!

It is possible that some of these you may have heard of previously.  However, some of these suggestions may surprise you if you have never done a removal before.

A Chest Of Drawers
Were you aware of the fact that you can leave your clothes in a chest of drawers to make your packing job so much easier?  Take note though that we recommend you only leave lightweight items in a chest of drawers.  For example: socks, underwear & very light clothing. You may also place large lightweight items such as pillows in your chest of drawers.

Remember that chests of drawers are not manufactured to be moved with the additional weight inside them, and leaving a chest of drawers full of heavy clothes may cause problems & damage for that piece of furniture. Your professional removalists will keep the drawers shut with special tape, shrink wrap and even furniture blankets.  The reason for that is so that they do not fly open in the moving truck.

Portable Wardrobes Or Port-A-Robe Boxes
Do not start taking all your hangers off your clothes.  The reason for that is because you can move your hanging clothes in what are called portable wardrobes. Also known as Port-a-Robes, these are tall, large boxes with a metal rod that spans across the top of the box, so you can hang all your hanging clothes straight in the box.

Since the standard portable wardrobe rail is approximately 1meter in length, you can easily measure how many meters of hanging clothes you have in order to determine how many port-a-robe boxes you will need.

If you have delicate clothes or if you wish to protect your clothes while you are moving, it is recommended that you wrap your clothing in clear garbage bags.

Be sure your garbage bags are wide enough to fit the width of a hanger and that they are long enough to cover all your clothes. Simply cut a hole in the middle of the bottom of your garbage bag and feed the bags with your hangers through the hole; that way your clothes are placed inside the bag. Then tie or tape up the bottom of the bag, so your clothing is well wrapped.

This is also a good solution if you intend on storing your clothes in storage for a long period of time. Remember to ensure there is no moisture on your clothes before sealing the bag shut.  This is an important step to prevent any mold, mildew or smelling issues occurring.

Toowoomba Removals provides access to portable wardrobes (or port-a-robe boxes) for moving & relocation.

This is a brilliant packing tip.  Since you need to move your suitcases to your new home anyway, so you may as well make use of them for your removal! Suitcases & luggage pieces are strong, sturdy and made to move clothes, so they are the perfect for packing clothing & toiletry items.

To get the most space out of your suitcase, roll your clothes instead of folding them. Why? Because rolling them also minimizes wrinkles.  That means less ironing to do once you’ve unpacked everything.  Nobody wants to do ironing after a big move.

You can also use packing cubes to maximize even more space. Packing cubes help condense your clothing, so you can pack more into a small space.  Plus, packing cubes also keep everything organized, so it is much easier to unpack at your new home.  Here is a tip: Place certain categories of clothes in each packing cube, and label everything, so you know exactly where to put them in your new home.

Don’t forget to keep one suitcase aside as your essentials & overnight box.

Cardboard Boxes
Packing clothing using cardboard boxes are the most popular and obvious choice for a reason: they are easy & great for moving your clothes!

Large moving boxes are the best size for clothes, as they are large enough to hold your bigger items.  For example: coats and jackets.  But they are not too big where they will get too heavy to lift.

You can also use second hand moving boxes as long as they still feel sturdy.  Remember: the more boxes are used, the weaker the cardboard becomes over time.

Moving Bags
Moving bags are an economical, versatile and reusable packing option for moving your clothes. They are inexpensive and can be easily packed away to be used again for your next removal.

They are made of a tough poly-woven material, which means that they are soft and malleable.  That makes them a great option if you want to move your clothes yourself in your car. Not only that, but they also have handles, so can easily be carried without needing a trolley.

Have our professional packers at Toowoomba Removals pack your clothes for you.

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