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Getting the right estimate from a moving company
Getting The Right Moving Estimate
Important Questions: How do you begin to choose a removalist you trust to pack and move your belongings? What will the removal cost? What's the best way to compare figures on removals estimates?

Remember this: Even if you don't know the exact date or location of where you are moving to, you can still select a removalist and get approximate costs. A good way to find good removalists is to ask friends and family for referrals. Contact a minimum if three professional moving companies to provide estimates well ahead of the time you need to relocate. Read Toowoomba Removals testimonials and reviews – just ask us where you can see them!

Each removals company will either send a representative to your home to review your needs and develop an estimate; or you may be able to receive an online estimate by filling out a form online or over the phone. You can also provide the removalist both images & videos from your smartphone.  A good removalist (like Toowoomba Removals) will give you access to a free file transfer service you can use to easily do this.  You can then compare numbers and make your final decision.

Great advice for before you meet with any removalist representatives:
>Get rid of any items you no longer want/need or at least mark and set them aside.

>Know your exact destination and set an approximate date for the move.

>Decide whether you want an estimate for packing done by the company.

>Determine whether you'll need a self-storage space, and for how long.

>Prepare any questions you want to ask.

Meet with the Removalist Either In Person Or Online (Or Phone)
Reach out to the company and make an appointment for the removalists to either come to your home, or meet virtually online. Give each prospective removals company exactly the same information, and ask the same questions. This way you make a fair assessment of their qualifications and costs.

When the representative arrives, or if you meet online with them, they will discuss their company's track record, services, and policies. They may also give you a set of packing and moving information.

Ask your questions as though it is a job interview; that is because it is. In addition to experience and rates, find out how they handle special or fragile items, such as artwork, pianos, or vehicles. Also ask about packing supplies including boxes, packing tape, packing paper, and so on.

Specify which services you want or that you are considering: for example, packing, storage, moving and unpacking.

Give the removals company representative either a physical or virtual walkthrough tour of your home. He or she will figure the weight as well as the quantity and types of boxes needed. The removalist will also note any items requiring special handling or crating. Indicate which items you intend to pack or move yourself.  Also, be sure to let them know which items will not be moved. Make sure to go through every room of your home or residence, including the attic, basement, garage, and any outbuildings or sheds.

Find out when you can expect to receive the estimate.  Be sure to ask if that estimate will be binding or nonbinding. In a binding estimate, the total cost of the move is guaranteed based on estimated quantities and specified services. A nonbinding estimate is the removalists' approximation of the final cost, which will be recalculated with what ends up being the actual weight, actual labor, and other figures when available.

Interpreting the Removals Estimate From A Removalist
Removal companies will have different estimate forms, make sure to look for key information:

>An itemized list of boxes and other packing materials that you will need, along with their quantities and prices or costs.

>Rates for their packing/unpacking services for the specified quantities in your estimate, and quantities & types of boxes that will be required (Note that there are boxes for everything from port-a-robes, books, etc.)

>Weight, cubic meters, distance information (in kilometers), and their associated charges. Costs for storage, including weight, cubic meters, and length of time (if applicable).

>Cost for additional services (crating, pianos, handling artwork &/or antiques, vehicles including boats & other recreational equipment, moving fitness equipment, appliance servicing, stairs, etc.).

>Be sure to also examine your insurance costs and coverage details when it comes to the estimate you receive.

>Review your payment terms on everything as well as forms of acceptable payment.

>Carefully review the details of each estimate you get for (1) removals, (2) insurance and (3) storage. Be sure all the information is there and find out how long the estimate is valid.

Analyzing The Bottom Line With Competitive Estimates
When all the estimates are in, you can compare such things as:

>Weight amounts.

>Packing supplies/materials amounts.

>Rates for hourly labor, volume, weight, and mileage (traveling distances in kilometers).

>Any free or discounted items, such as packing supplies or storage, etc.

Removalist companies (as well as insurance providers, and also storage providers) can all have differing formulas for estimating costs, so don't hesitate to call for clarification on any details.

Be sure to have the means for fair comparison among removals companies, insurance, and storage facilities.  Remember to compare apples to apples and NOT apples to oranges.  Negotiate to get the best, fair price possible.

Time To Pick The Removals Winner
When you finish comparing the figures for everything, you're finally ready to make your selections. You could base your choice solely on the lowest total cost, but you may also with to consider:

>Personal referrals or experiences with the company.

>Discounts offered (but remember that discounts offered by less than reputable removalists can end up costing you money in terms of time & money lost due to damage to your belongings).

>The company's professionalism and reputation; online reviews.

>In terms of your dealings with the removal company (and even the insurance company and storage facility): Has the representative been responsive, communicative, and positive?

A word of advice: in many cases, signing an estimate indicates you're ordering the service as described in the estimate (you may not modify the estimate yourself after you have signed it). If you invest energy into finding the right partnership, you will be well-rewarded for your move.

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