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When Getting Accurate Moving Estimates For Moving Company In Toowoomba, Understand That Even Though An Estimate Is Approximate, It Will Be Fairly Accurate. Read What You See Below...

Accurate moving estimates
Moving for many is a difficult & challenging task.  Getting inaccurate moving estimates can add even more to the stress of any removal. Toowoomba Removals understands this.

One of the most bothersome complaints is that quoted removalist company rates do not end up matching the original estimate. We understand that this may end up making you feel manipulated and cheated. You must understand, however, that the moving estimate is most often an honest and best assessment the removals company could offer you. Remember that if you give wrong or inaccurate information to the movers, it can result in a faulty moving estimate.

Here are a few simple steps to make sure that the moving estimate you get is as close to the final price as possible:

If you are moving a household or office, you should either have someone from the removals company come and do an on-site moving estimate. Or, an equally good and even better option is to go online to the removalists’ website and fill in a comprehensive estimating tool & quote form based on the actual values you input.

This is the best way to ensure that you get an accurate rate.

Our form is located here.

From your side, it is your responsibility to make sure that the information you give the removals company for the estimate is accurate. For example, after being packed up, there are times that things take up a lot more space than you think they will. You may think all your book collection will fit in five boxes; but then you find out how heavy those five moving boxes are because you packed as many as you could 'back-to-back' (this is why you need to be accurate in your packing assessment and rely on the removalist).  As a result, you then realize you have to put them in twice as many smaller moving boxes. Now you have 50 moving boxes for books, when your original removals estimate was for only 25 boxes with books.

Try to predict how many boxes you'll actually need, but understand that when it comes to books that they are heavy and require smaller boxes that can be lifted without strain or injury. Don't forget to mention to the removalist any items you have in storage that need to be moved.  In addition, let the movers know about any large and heavy items. This will help the movers get you a more precise estimate.

If you want to avoid being surprised on the day of your move, ask questions. Remember that there is no such thing as a stupid question. Most removalists, when providing an estimate, will tell you about any extra fees or surcharges. If you don't hear anything, then ask. For example: Will there be a separate fee for the truck? What if a 2nd truck needs to be used? How about the supplies? If the movers are also packing your belongings, how much does that service cost? Do you require unpacking services, and if so, what will that cost be? Having all these answers beforehand can get you closer to an accurate moving estimate.

People incorrectly assume that they have made an actual contract with the moving company based on the moving estimate they get from a removals company, in combination with a document both parties sign agreeing to the time and location of the move. This is typically not true all the time. That is because there is almost always a statement that the price is not final until the movers are there on moving day to verify the number of items required to be moved, and/or the weight of the moving truck when packed. As long as your removalist has been honest with you about the moving estimate and the pricing policy, and that you understand how the final price is calculated, then you will realize that an estimate unfortunately can't be 100% accurate all the time. The good news is that estimates from reputable removalists are very close to the estimate provided, so long as you personally were also both honest & accurate in listing your moving needs & requirements.

The most important thing you can do is get an experienced and reputable moving company like Toowoomba Removals so that their moving estimate is as accurate as possible. Then make sure you let the removalist examine what you are having moved instead of trying to come up with a removals estimate on your own.

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