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Moving tips for local moves
5 Smart Moving Tips For Local Removals
Even though moving only a few blocks or a short distance away might look easy-peezy, think again. Both the old and new house needs cleaning, they need paint touched up, and EVERYTHING needs to be packed & boxed up, picked up & put into one or more moving vehicles, transported, carried into the new house, and then either unpacked or put into storage (or both). While you might save a certain amount of money on rental truck mileage for a short distance move, a short distance move is just as stressful as a long distance move.

The big takeaway is this: No matter how far you're moving, it's a bigger project than you might think, and it requires serious & effective planning.

Toowoomba Removals provides the following local moving tips to make your life easier:

Local Moving/Removals Tip # 1 – If you don't use it, leave it or get rid of it
Packing time is the perfect time to get rid of any items that have somehow accumulated in your home or residence. Look at each item and consider: "Do I use this? Do I need it?" 

Be honest with yourself. If you don't use or need an item: Donate it or give it away. Check with local schools, libraries, and charities to see who will pick up your donations. Sell it. Have a yard sale. Consider using an online auction Website to sell items.

You can even throw it away. Start cleaning early if you're restricted to putting out a certain amount of garbage each week. In some cities, you can buy tags for extra containers beyond your weekly allotment & quota. Take a load to the city dump or landfill (usually for a small fee).

Local Moving/Removals Tip # 2 – Consider hiring help
Sometimes it's best to leave the job to those who do it best: a professional removals company. If you can afford it, hire a cleaning service for both ends of your move. This will save you several hours' work.

If you don't feel comfortable driving a rental van or simply lack the time, then hire a removals company. Interview and get bids from several different removalists. Be sure to also get recommendations from friends and family.

Local Moving/Removals Tip # 3 – Call in friends and family
It is always wise and useful to ask friends, family, neighbors, etc. for help. You can call in a few favors as follows:

… Ask a few people over one evening to help pack boxes, and entice them by offering them something like dinner.

… Call a few friends to help retouch paint one Saturday.

… On the day of the big move, call lots of people to help because "many hands working on one project make light work."

… Ask someone to watch your kids and/or pets during moving day.

Local Moving/Removals Tip # 4 – Order plenty of packing supplies
Remember not to hold back on packing materials. Be sure to have plenty of moving boxes, tape guns, tape, marking pens, packing paper, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts available. Your volunteers will be glad to take what you don't use.

Local Moving/Removals Tip # 5 – Plan ahead for food, drink, and other essentials
Keep both your hired professionals and volunteers happy and well-fueled.

Buy an abundance of paper cups and plates, plastic utensils, soft drinks, and snacks prior to your removal day.

Great breakfast idea. If your crew is showing up at your house first thing in the morning, coordinate with a local bakery or deli to cater a tray of food.

Super lunch or dinner idea. Think of food that is fast, filling, and easy to eat when all the tables and tableware are packed away (sandwiches, fried chicken, or pizza).

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