Moving Company Questions You Must Ask A Removalist To Protect Yourself; Compliments Of Toowoomba Removals.

Critical Questions You Must Ask A Removals Company, Or Any Removalist, To Save Yourself Money & Time.

Top Removalists' Questions To Ask Your Removalist In Toowoomba So You Can Have A Painless Removal.

Appropriate Movers Questions To Ask Your Removals Company Toowoomba That Will Ensure You A Successful Move.

The Ultimate Removals Questions To Ask A Removalist In Toowoomba Allowing You To Avoid A Negative Experience.

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Intuitive Removalist Questions For Removals In Toowoomba That Will Eliminate Bad Surprises.

Effective Toowoomba Removalist Questions For Removals That Will Guarantee You A Stress Free Move.

Removals Questions For A Removalist Toowoomba That will Yield A Positive Move.

Stay Safe By Asking These Toowoomba Removals Questions For A Removalist.

Essential questions to ask a moving company
Note that if your employer is handling your move through a relocation program, you may have to use a specified removals company. However, if you are choosing a removalist by yourself, be sure to take the time to interview several moving companies before making a final decision.  Importantly, make sure to ask for references before you sign any removals contract with a removalist.

Toowoomba Removals Encourages You To Ask A Minimum Of 10 Questions When It Comes To Interviewing Removalists:

Question #1: "How long have you been in business?" Remember that a reputable mover/removalist should be licensed, insured, and have been in business for at least three years.

Question #2: "Can I get some recent references?" Ask for at least two recent references, and call the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to see how many complaints the removals company has.

Question #3: "How do you base your removals estimate?" For a local move, many removalists base the moving estimate on the hours required, multiplied by their hourly rate. In most cases, you will be charged for the actual hours worked, regardless of the estimate. For an interstate move, movers base the estimate on the weight and/or volume of goods that you are moving and the distance between the two locations.

Question #4: "Are there any added costs I need to be aware of?" You might incur additional charges if you're moving into an elevator building, or if access to your home is more than a specified distance from the truck to the door, or if items must be carried up stairways. Also make sure to include this: "What about moving supplies? Are they included?"

Question #5: "Does the removalist provide liability insurance, or must you seek liability and/or loss protection from your insurance provider?"

"Are there different levels of protection with each of the types of insurance you get: contents, in-transit, storage insurance, etc?"

"What about deductibles & full value protection?"

Question #6: "What is your claims process?" If damage occurs, be sure to document & record all damages upon delivery. Filing a claim immediately increases your chance of a satisfactory settlement in your favor.

Question #7: "What is not covered in the liability insurance?"  Movers often do not cover the following: operating condition of appliances and electronics; missing items not on the inventory list; damages not documented upon delivery, and money, jewelry, and other valuable items. Plus, removalists may not be held responsible for broken glassware or other fragile items, unless they (the removals company) pack them.

Question #8: "Is there anything you will not move during the removal?" Most movers will not move dangerous or flammable items, or anything that could damage your other possessions if something leaks.

Question #9: "Do I have to pay the entire removalist bill up front?" If you are paying for your own move, it is very important to know in advance how the mover wants to be paid.

Question #10: "How much advance notice do you need in order to confirm & lock in my removal?" Most movers need four to six weeks to plan a move, especially during the busy summer season. If you have less time, some movers can accommodate you with as little as two weeks' notice.

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